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17. 2017 New Dance Nonstop - DJ SJY
•Size: 25.35 MB
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16. Malhari (Private Edit Mix) - DJ SJY
•Size: 5.61 MB
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15.Teddy Bear (Kanika Kapoor Ft. Ikka Singh) - DJ SJY REMIX
•Size: 4.97 MB
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14. Nachan Farrate (Club-Dutch Mix) - DJ SJY REMIX
•Size: 4.47 MB
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13. Dangerous Holi Nonstop - DJ SJY n DJ Tanmoy (March 2015)
•Size: 32.56 MB
[Download Now]

12. Tedious Nonstop Mixes - DJ SJY & Dj Tanmoy (January 2015)
•Size: 35.64 MB
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11. Let's Get Ridiculous (Lmfao Edit Mix) - DJ SJY
•Size: 5.57 MB
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10. Tik Tok (kesha ft sjy Mix) - DJ SJY
•Size: 4.64 MB
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09. Fevicol Se (Gangnam Mix) - DJ SJY
•Size: 4.18 MB
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08. Gangnam Style (Spreed Rock Mix) - DJ SJY
•Size: 2.73 MB
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07. Starships (Romantic Live Mix) - DJ SJY
•Size: 5.33 MB
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06. Gentleman (Psy vs Animals Mix) - DJ SJY
•Size: 3.32 MB
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05. Live Dance Floor - DJ SJY REMIX
•Size: 3.78 MB
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04. Elation Dj Sjy Mixstep Style - DJ SJY REMIX
•Size: 7.84 MB
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03. Har Ek Friend (Over Loop Mixx) - DJ SJY
•Size: 3.98 MB
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02. Sexy And I Know It (X-Re-Mixx) - DJ SJY
•Size: 2.44 MB
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01. Mithun Dailog (Rocky Ringtone Mix) - DJ SJY
•Size: 807 KB
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